Sunday, January 20, 2013

Do any of you out there do this? Do you find yourself getting completely lost in your creativity? Sometimes I fall so far into the process, that when life interrupts (kids, dogs, doorbell) it feels so abrupt. Like I've completely forgotten about the world around me.

I guess that's why I love scrapbooking so much -- it's a complete and total escape from the mundane. It's a chance to jump off into something beautiful and almost magical. It's a chance to pour the love I have for whatever memory I'm preserving onto the page. Perhaps a chance to re-live that memory a bit?

I remember years ago on The Oprah Winfrey show, Oprah talked about keeping a "gratitude journal." The concept was that the more often we focus (if even for a few minutes a day) on all that we feel thankful for, the happier we humans will be.

I feel like scrapbooking the ones I love is like my own gratitude journal. It's a chance to take a precious memory and wrap it up in beautiful layers and surround it in lovely colors and textures. It's a chance to journal about why it was such an important day, or event.

Framing my finished scrapbook pages and hanging them on the wall is a little like a visual gratitude journal. Little pieces of the beauty in my life there to look at, reflect on, and enjoy whenever I walk down the hall.

So I think that's what brings me back to my crafting table again and again. I am looking forward to learning more about this art. I want to challenge myself with new techniques, and really push myself creatively.

I would love to know your thoughts.... What drives you to scrapbook your memories? And what are your creative goals for 2013?

Thanks for joining me!



  1. Oh girl, I totally disappear from this world when I scrap, so I know what you are talking about! So glad you enjoy that escape so much! You do beautiful work and your blog looks amazing!

  2. Thanks so much Renea! I adore your work and your blog is beautiful! Great inspiration there!! The escape for me is what I love so much. It's such a cathartic process to create, and then see the finished project. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog - I appreciate your support! Hugs, Stephanie

  3. Stopping by to say thanks for the visit to my blog and also to say a big thank you for all your sweet comments, I really appreciate them!

    I am so glad to hear that the pump is working well for your son. My husband is also type 1 and I have been trying to get him to do the pump instead of the injections. It's a fight I have not won yet and is such a struggle everyday seeing him sick. I don't give up though, he has met his match LOL!

    I see you have new followers including our butterfly queen, Renea. She and all the girls at SOD are amazing! Between there and The Paper Mixing Bowl I stay busy and very content! Have a magical weekend my friend!

    1. Hi Jenny! Thanks for the note! I'm going to PM you on SB.COM. Hope you are enjoying your Saturday! xo Stephanie